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The Profile of Nanxing Furniture Machinery & Equipment Company Limited:
Nanxing is a professional manufacturer of equipment for production lines of panel furniture   with capabilities in research and development, design, production, and sales. Our company’s products are widely used in the panel furniture industry and also applicable to the wooden chips panels such as MDF which are being used for processing semi-finished or finished work pieces, which are finally used for manufacturing of wooden door, flooring, customer made furniture, modular kitchen cabinets. Our machines are also suitable for construction and renovation, making display units for exhibitions, fittings into cars and boats. The company has maintained strong competitive advantages owning to some patented technologies, product development, sales channels, product quality, standard level, brand, and so on.
Nanxing is nominated as National High Tech Enterprise, Guangdong Province’s Private Owned Scientific Enterprise. The R & D Center of the company is also recognized as Guangdong Province’s Enterprise Technology Centre and Guangdong Province’s Engineering and Technology Development Centre for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Woodworking Machinery. The company has been granted 62 patents, including 50 best practice new machine models and 12 excellent exterior designs. In April 2011, the company was appointed to be a Pilot Centre for Promotion of Patent Rights in Dongguan.
Nanxing mainly has four machine series in our product range including edge banding machine, computer panel saw, multi boring machine, sliding table saw and also other machines for making panel furniture. The company produces hundreds of different machine models and has designed one of the longest production lines by using domestic panel furniture machinery and equipment. Therefore the company can provide different total solutions for the desired production line according to customer requirements. In 2011, our company introduced high-speed CNC machining center for wood laminated panels. Having integrated with various functions by technologies and flexible processors for high manufacturing capability, hence our company has positioned itself to be the market leader for high end manufacturing equipment within the domestic panel furniture machinery industry. Nanxing has already completed in 2012 the testing by using furniture software connected to one set of machines such as CNC and other machines for making furniture, and is promoting this concept "machines∙software package" that is the most effective and efficient way with this grouping of machines and united with the furniture software for maximizing manufacturing for the standard and the special orders. This concept will be useful to many customers who are looking for improving of their production capacity by considering of setting up production line rather than putting single machines with lesser planning.
Nanxing has established its strong sales channels, and our products are being sold well to different major industrial regions, where are the main hubs of making furniture in China. Our products are also being distributed to more than 30 countries including Russia, Middle East, South East Asia, Canada, India, Australia, South Africa and Latin America. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 and received the Certification. Most of our products including edge banding machine, computer panel saw, and sliding table saw have gained the CE Certificates. Our company has received the Export License for Quality Products, and Guangdong Measurement Assurance Certificate. With Nanxing’s high quality products, strong and stable sales channels, customer oriented after sales services, our company is recognized as an excellent reputable enterprise. Therefore, “ ”has been given the honor as Guangdong Reputable Trademark.
Being a Committee Member of the China Milling Machinery & Tools Industry Association- Woodworking Machinery Branch, Nanxing has been requested to take up the responsibility for setting or revising the various standards for the industry including “panel saw’s parameters”, “sliding table saw’s parameters”, “multi boring machine’s parameters”, “multi boring machine’s precision”. In 2011 the company was approved by the China Milling Machinery and the Technical Committee for Standardization of Tools, the company officially established a working group for setting standards for CNC woodworking machinery and revising of the relevant CNC woodworking machinery standards. Based on all the related industry standards, the company has built up within our factory many high standards for manufacturing of our machines which are including the machines like CNC machining centre for wood laminated panels and precision panel saw. The above product standards from our enterprise have been reported and kept such record to Dongguan Bureau for Quality and Technical Advisor in Guangdong province. The setting up of product standards by enterprise is necessary for keeping the product quality stability and leading in the market by continuously improvements, generating competitive advantages for our products, as well as maintaining the company leading position amongst the followers within our own industry.

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