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Laguna Tools Celebrates 33 Years of Innovation and Success!

Laguna Tools proudly celebrates 33 years of success with our most impressive line of woodworking machinery ever. This year, we are also deeply honored to have had the opportunity to reach out and make a difference in the life of a brave young man.

First, there was a dream
Our founder, Torben Helshoj, had already won the prestigious Silver Medal for outstanding woodworking awarded by the Queen of Denmark before coming to America. Once he arrived Torben was quick to notice that American woodworking equipment wasn't up to par with European machinery in terms of safety, functionality and basic features found abroad.

Spotting an opportunity, Torben and his partners decided to import a European 5 function combination machine, which became the cornerstone for Laguna Tools. He produced an informative video and in no time, Laguna Tools was in business.

One success soon led to another, and it wasn't long before Laguna Tools had laid down a solid foundation built upon superior performance, precise results, and innovative features that enhance safety and improve the functionality of essential woodworking machines. Along the way,l we always pioneered new technology, including our DriftMaster Fence system that continuously wins accolades from experts and enthusiasts alike. Today our products are known worldwide as the ultimate in bandsaws.

Laguna Tools is also uniquely different as we are a company founded and run by a passionate woodworker. Torben Helshoj, the president of Laguna, has a hand in every facet of the design and manufacture of every piece of equipment we offer. His background in engineering allows for the development of woodworking machinery that continues to set new benchmarks in all areas of performance, quality and precision. His innate knowledge has sets us apart and enables us to offer the equipment that woodworkers really need to take their craft to the next level.

A Machine for Every Purpose – and Every Budget
As we enter our 33rd year, we are extremely proud to offer serious professionals and dedicated hobbyists alike our most extensive line of woodworking products ever, including a completely new 5', 5 Function Combination Machine that packs serious performance in a compact and versatile package.

Here at Laguna, we are driven by the desire to offer woodworkers the best products available, and our commitment to never compromise in quality or performance is reflected by the loyalty and appreciation we are fortunate to receive from woodworkers around the world.

This year, savvy woodworkers will appreciate the fact that we have not only broadened our line, but we have also added choices when it comes to price. Unfortunately, due to changes in the world of international finance, a weaker dollar has meant that some of our European-made machines may have become cost-prohibitive for woodworkers just starting up, or for small shops on a tight budget. So we decided to find a solution.

Culminating a process that began over two years ago, we now offer several machines that are manufactured by highly reputable manufacturers in Asia. These companies are carefully screened and required to meet up to a stringent set of design and manufacturing criteria before we chose to engage in business with them. Offering a comparable level of quality and performance that is found in our European machines, our new line of Asian-made equipment is an accessible option that will deliver the level of precision and results that have defined Laguna Tools since we first opened our doors.

Reaching Out
In addition to making the best woodworking equipment available, we keep up with our mission to give back to the community by supporting outreach programs with the products and knowledge needed to become skilled woodworkers. This year, Laguna Tools was given the opportunity to help a brave individual who was severely injured during combat duty in Iraq.

Nathanael "Nate" Meadows was serving as a senior field medic in 2003 when an improvised explosive device changed his life forever. At first, his injuries were not readily visible; he escaped diagnosis and continued to serve. It was not until he went to re-enlist as a flight medic that he was diagnosed with bilateral ear perforations, hearing loss, traumatic brain injury, disequilibrium and chronic post traumatic stress disorder – in addition to bladder and kidney disease. His career effectively over, he was honorably discharged and given the Purple Heart for valor in the field of duty. But as his dream vanished and he lost the ability to provide for his family, Nate sunk deep into depression and often wished that the worst had happened, instead.

When Nate was assigned to the Warrior in Transition Unit, the fog began to lift: Nate rediscovered a hidden passion for woodworking and resolved to forge a new path for his future. As a young boy, he had worked in a shop with his father—himself a skilled craftsman—developing basic skills and a love for working with wood. This new inspiration spurred him forward and he began to try and find a way to make his new vision come true.

After having read a review about Laguna Tools' bandsaws in a magazine, he decided that he would put his heart into a written letter to Laguna Tools, in which he wasn't just asking for charity – he was asking for the opportunity to forge a new life for himself. As fate would have it, his letter landed on the desk of Catherine Helshoj, who immediately took notice and followed though with his invitation to find out if he was truly who he said he was.

"I'm the biggest skeptic there is," said Catherine, "when his letter came through with contact information and a request to verify his story, I did. However it didn't take more than a couple of calls before I knew that Nate was the real deal."

Touched by Nate's honest plea for help to secure a 14" Laguna bandsaw on which to begin building his woodworking business, Catherine brought his story to the attention of everyone who works at Laguna Tools and friends: "I announced to our employees and their families that if they were willing to reach out and help contribute to this cause, the company would match their donations and provide Nate with the bandsaw he so desired."

It didn't take long before an outpour of support came through. Catherine and Torben opted to "upgrade" Nate's request, providing him with a 16" heavy duty bandsaw. Catherine also reached out for additional industry support, introducing Nate's cause to other manufacturers in the woodworking industry who are now stepping up to help this brave young man get a leg up as he strives to make a new future for himself and his family.

"Being from Europe, we have long been grateful to the American Armed Forces, for their valor and service to the world as peace-keepers." Catherine added. "So for us it was not a hard decision at all to reach out to Nate, who truly put his life on the line for others. And now we have developed a deep bond of friendship and are deeply honored to have been given the opportunity to help Nate move forward with his life. It's the least we could do."

In addition to supporting Nate, this year Laguna Tools will make a contribution to the Wounded Warrior Project ( on behalf of every editor who comes to the Laguna Tools press launch to help others who have served so valiantly.

The Next 33 Years
In addition to our new line of equipment we are introducing at the IMF show in Atlanta, we will be launching a completely new Web site in September that will allow users to navigate more freely, with a completely new design that is intuitive and highly informative. Our new Web site will allow woodworkers to easily find information and dynamic content such as video product demonstrations. We hope to engage visitors with an easy-to-navigate format that will undoubtedly assist you in your search for a new product.

Without a doubt, Laguna Tools would not be here today if it weren't for our legion of loyal customers. We are also fortunate to have received numerous accolades and awards that have helped us to build our reputation as a leader and innovator in the woodworking industry. We would like to take a moment and say a sincere and heartfelt "Thank you!" for your support and friendship over the years. Our promise to you is to continue to offer the best woodworking machinery available in the world, and to always deliver innovative products to enhance productivity – and creativity.

Laguna Tools, based in Irvine, California, has been leading the industry in woodworking innovations for 33 years, and continues to challenge the industry with new advancements. Here at Laguna Tools, we aim to be "globally local" by offering our time, support, products, and services to a variety of community outreach programs. 

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