SCHUSTER Engineering GmbH

SCHUSTER Engineering continues to develop innovative processes and products that contribute to environmentally friendly low-emission and emission free storage of waste.

While baling, simultaneously a cost reduction is achieved through more efficient storage and transport.  In many cases, the storage and transport of waste is only possible through the use of our products.

In 2001 we brought the first fully automatic baling and packaging machine for round bales (SPEED-BALER) to the market.

Today our technology is the world market leader in the field of baling and packaging of waste and recyclables in round bales.

Through continuous research and development our already powerful machines continue to be improved.  We are constantly updating and implementing new innovations and enhancements to our machines.

Due to the fact we operate and service most our machines that have been produced we are constantly getting real life feedback about performance and issues that allow us as the manufacture to continuously improve our systems to meet the highest demands that our customers have for quality and reliability.

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