Polytechnik Luft und Feuerungstechnik GmbH

The POLYTECHNIK group comprises approx. 250 employees and in addition to its parent plant in Weissenbach/Triesting (Austria) has subsidiaries in Hungary, Switzerland, France, Poland, Russia, Romania, Belorussia, Australia and New Zealand. 

The POLYTECHNIK Group export rate is currently (2009) approx. 95% and there are over 2,500 POLYTECHNIK plants in operation around the globe.

POLYTECHNIK supples biomass fuel combustion plants with a range of performance of 300 - 30,000 kW (single boiler output). 
Different combustion systems are employed depending on the type and moisture content of the fuel (reciprocating grate, horizontal grate and horizontal combustion grate). 
Hot water, high temperature water, steam or thermal oil are used as a heat transfer medium. 
The plants can be used to produce heating and process heat as well as to generate energy (steam or ORC process). 
The electrical output ranges from 200 kW to 20,000 kW (power).

POLYTECHNIK combustion plants are used in industrial and wood processing operations as well as for the production of municipal heat in local and district heating networks. 
The company also offers fuel preparation and crushing services on request. 

POLYTECHNIK extraction units, filter units and spark-extinguishing systems are well known in the timber industry for their high quality and long life-cycles. 

Our domestic and international support centres provide individual customer service. 
As part of our project management service, we also help our customers to compile the necessary official approval documents and support them through the official formalities and during commissioning negotiations.

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