ROJEK dřevoobráběcí stroje a.s.

The family company ROJEK has a 92 years long engineering production tradition. Its head office is in Častolovice in the region of Hradec Králové with showrooms of heating engineering and woodworking machines, while the production plant is situated in Kostelec nad Orlicí. The company was founded by Josef Rojek in 1921.


He was very successful with his woodworking machines of his own construction even in the period of the economic crisis and in the war years. The tradition was interrupted only in 1948. Many machines of that period are still functional and in spite of some technical and moral wear they are still in operation.


The family company of Josef Rojek was restored by his grandson Mgr. Jiří Rojek in 1991. Again it was started from nothing. The restituted plant was in a very bad state and without any machine able to compete. At present the company ROJEK is a well-known world producer in its branch and has sales agencies in more than 65 countries all over the world.

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