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ITK (Internationaal Ter Kuile)
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ITK (Internationaal Ter Kuile)

Netherlands, North Holland Heemstede, Herenweg, 29c
Herenweg 29e
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Benjamin Ter Kuile
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The second generation owners Fulvio and Roberto Zechini run a lean and efficient organisation. They rely on 60 years of experience and an extensive sales network serving more than 30 countries on all continents. Exports currently account for 80% of the revenues. All machines are made in Italy.

Zechini’s strength lies in specialisation and innovative, no-nonsense solutions. The target areas are hard cover book production in small and medium runs, outsize formats, special paper converting jobs and children’s books.

Customisation and Support

Great attention to customers’ requirements and typically Italian production flexibility are an essential part of Zechini's corporate philosophy. In addition to our standard product catalogue, we offer extensive customisation to effectively address individual production needs.

The company offers highly qualified technical and sales support before and after sale.

With its ability to offer reliable products, customised solutions and an efficient after-sales support, Zechini is an ideal partner for all companies working in the field of bookbinding and paper converting.

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