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Admirals Maschinentechnik GmbH
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Admirals Maschinentechnik GmbH

Германия, North-Rhine-Westphalia, Lengerich, Lengerich
+49(0) 5481 2939
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Since 1960 the name Sondermann with the wood-processing craft and the industry is close-knit.
In 1961 Gerhard Sondermann from 57368 Bilstein/Westf., representative of a famous manufacturer of wood processing tools, goes to the independency. A target group of the distribution operations become regional carpenter's workshops, furniture farmer and saw works. In 1976 foundation of the Werkzeugschleiferei. In 1980 the rooms for the Schleiferei become too small, the new building next door originates. In 1990 also the tools and machines camp has place problems, construction of a trade hall in the neighbouring place Kirchveischede. In 1991 change of the single society in a Ltd and 30-year-old company jubilee. In 1996 the time requires a structural change. Meanwhile 3 sons of the boss steer the talents of the enterprise. With the years 3 independent companies develop from it. Markus Sondermann becomes responsible for the Gerhard Sondermann GmbH. Matthias Sondermann takes over the Werkzeug Sondermann GmbH with today's seat in Grevenbrück. Christoph Sondermann closes fields Sound i with the machine manufacturer. T. a partner contract and takes over the work representation in 49525 Lengerich till 2008 for the area of Northwest Germany. In 2010 foundation of the ADMIRALs Maschinentechnik GmbH by managers and owners Christoph Sondermann. In 2012 boss Gerhard celebrates in the best of health his 90th birthday.

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