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Roth & Bielmeier GmbH
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Roth & Bielmeier GmbH

Germany, Bavaria, Roth, Wendelstein, Sorgwiesen, 5
Sorgwiesen 5
+49(0) (0)9129-29 64 485
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Michael Roth
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Are you looking for? - We are!
And if you are looking for a car that we do not have in place - we will find it for you!
Welcome to the company Roth & Biel Meier GmbH.
We are active partners in service with years of experience (since 1991) in the digital printing and offer flexibility, diversity and experience.
The basis of our business plan based on the sales of digital printing machines, preferably in the HP Indigo and Xeikon brand. For several years, it is controlled by us worldwide.
But we are not only depending on the trader.
Our range of services includes a comprehensive know-how of printing relevant fields - prepress, printing and finishing - also innovative technical aspect. Training, maintenance and repair of the client is also for us to service.
Even sometimes extensive logistics processes, particularly at the international level, to provide for us, thanks to years of experience, very rare problem and handled regularly.
Upon request, we advise and work with our clients concepts that meet their requirements under the planning considerations and processing costs.
Our young and motivated team will gladly assist in resolving all issues related to digital printing.
Currently, you can check on the menu at the machine, printing machine, which could be from our wide range of interest to you.
Menu item shop Indigo or Xeikon store offers HP Indigo and Xeikon users to purchase these (if any) to extremely favorable conditions.
But you could also choose to visit our showroom in Wendelstein near Nuremberg and see your favorite car "in" ... - No problem! - We look forward to your visit.
Your team Roth & Meier Biel

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