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Pfeifer Heavy Machinery BV
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Pfeifer Heavy Machinery BV

Netherlands, Gelderland, Oost Gelre, Groenlo, Den Sliem, 35
Den Sliem 35
+31 (0)544 463114
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Our company considers it very important process - before and after the purchase of specialized equipment, inform the client about what is happening with this machine. This process will be described in step by step description below:
Buying and selling construction equipment.
Step 1 - Transportation equipment:
Pfeifer Heavy Machinery specializes in the organization of transport and related machinery. Repurchased loaders, cranes, excavators, lifts, scissor lifts and other construction equipment, transported and delivered to the base of Pfeifer Heavy Machinery BV.
Step 2 - Receipt of equipment:
After the arrival of equipment on the territory of the enterprise, and after all the formalities passed, the car passes inspection from our expert mechanic.
Step 3 - Internet presentation:
After inspection and necessary repair the machine, the machine runs a general cleaning. Thereafter, the photo and video to accommodate them later on our website. We also offer the opportunity to apply for the weekly newsletter, and / or create your own profile page Pfeifer Heavy Machinery. Because of this, you can create a list of suitable machines, find, or exclude from the list the desired technique videt- whether the required equipment More stock.

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