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Jens Heydn Maschinen GmbH
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Jens Heydn Maschinen GmbH

Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, All-Lübbecke, All Päpinghausen, Stockförth 6
Stockförth 6
+49(0) 571 / 388 13 65
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Jens Heydn
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Jens Heydn GmbH
is a trading company for a good second-hand metal-working machinery and plant equipment. For over 15 years we have been successful in buying and selling used cars. On more than 3,500m² warehouse space, we propose to test our machines for sale. We look forward to your visit - Look at yourself
From the plant for processing metal and equipment must be transported and assembled, our experience developed in the industrial assembly and movement.
We have a very wide assembly equipment in place.

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