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Wabeco - Walter Blombach GmbH
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Wabeco - Walter Blombach GmbH

Germany, North-Rhine-Westphalia, Remscheid, Lüttringhausen, Bahnhof Remscheid-Lüttringhausen
Am Blaffertsberg 13
+49(0) 2191/597-0
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Milling machines are designed for CNC milling machines. Powerful management tools and easy to use software developed in-house or taken into the program.
Machines WABECO constantly evolving and improving. Today it is possible WABECO CNC machines and milling machines in the chain into a flexible manufacturing cell, ie, Rotating parts are removed from the machine robot clamping device clamped in the CNC and clamping tools CNC milling machine to perform drilling or milling.
WABECO a gear manufacturer in collaboration with well-known domestic and foreign companies have made a good name. The range includes all the equipment for drilling and cutting concrete.

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