CATERPILLAR gp50k series forklift



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Detailed information:

5000 kg
Turning radius
2965 mm
150 mm
Free running
100 mm
1220 mm
Fork lifting height
3300 mm
2150 mm
Center of gravity
600 mm
Mast tilt forward / backward
6/10 degrees
Overall width
1460 - 1780 мм
Distance from the axle of the support wheels to the back of the forks
582 mm
Loader weight, without load / with battery
7160 kg
Axle loads with rated load, front / rear
10890 / 1400 кг
Axle loads without load, front / rear
2900 / 4150 кг
Tire sizes, front
Tire sizes, rear
Number of wheels, front / rear (x-leading)
Tire center track, front
1310 mm
Tire center track, rear
1180 mm
Mast lowered height (mast headroom)
2400 mm
Working height
4570 mm
Height to overhead guard
2250 mm
Seat height
1093 mm
Total length
4525 mm
Length to fork back (including fork thickness)
3305 mm
Fork dimensions:
60 mm
Fork carriage width
1190 mm
Ground clearance under the mast, loaded
150 mm
Ground clearance in the center of the base, with a load
252 mm
Working aisle (Ast) with pallet 1000 x 1200 mm
4747 mm
Travel speed, loaded / unladen
21 / 23,5 км/ч
Lifting speed, loaded / unladen
0,44 / 0,44 м/с
Lowering speed, laden / unladen
0,50 / 0,50 м/с
Towing bar, laden / unladen (60 min)
33000 / 20000 Н
The ability to overcome the slope, with / without load
4,7 - 4,1 процента
ICE engine:
manufacturer / type
rated output power
72 kW
rated speed
2450 об/мин
Number of cylinders / volume
6/4500 куб. см

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