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CNC machines - the equipment for turning workpieces of different materials, including metal alloys, rotation of the fixing member about the central axis. For this kind of metal-working equipment produce thread cutting, work on turning and boring pieces conical, cylindrical form, with shaped surfaces. Also on the lathe processing equipment ends products and implement drilling and other activities. The basic principle of the lathe - the product is rigidly fixed on the spindle and gets rolling with him, cutter equipment moves on the sled and damaging cuts in the workpiece. Usually lathes - is the most common metal cutting equipment in the machine park of any metalworking, mechanical repair business or shop. Turning equipment for the control method is divided into semi-and automatic (CNC), and on the principle of placing the spindle on the horizontal and vertical. In our catalog section Metalworking Equipment You will find all types of turning machines or can apply for delivery Lathe with the necessary features for you.