Equipment catalog

The international catalog of production and technical equipment allows you to select the necessary equipment based on the technical characteristics that suit you.

Welcome to the international catalog of new and used production and technical equipment. 

Surely you know the situation, when in a certain directory of equipment or machines, kind of equipment is available without a published price, and instead stated that that price is negotiable or even about the price there is no mention. 

In our catalog of tools and equipment you are unlikely to naedet a single machine or a device with an unknown price. Each piece of equipment passes tough moderation before get to the directory. 

By using our site, you can calculate how the estimated cost of shipping and customs clearance, and create queries for accurate calculation of transport and customs costs represented in the catalog of the machine or equipment. Your requests fall on payment in transport companies engaged in both international and local (within a country) you require transportation of the machine. Also with the help of our service you will be able to order the calculation of customs duties and fees required to pay when crossing the state border. 

As discussed earlier in our catalog of machinery and equipment is equipped with a function for calculating the cost of online delivery and customs clearance. This is a special algorithm that analyzes the tariff schedules delivery of various transport companies and gives an indicative calculation of the final cost of the equipment at the destination. This total cost of the equipment or machine is only approximate, for that would accurately calculate the final price, you will need to use the service requests.