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Full name: BARTH GmbH
Brand birthplace: Austria
Head office address: Neilreichgasse 45, (Wien) 1100 Wien Austria
www: https://www.barth-maschinenbau.de/

The BARTH GmbH is a mechanical engineering company with headquarters in Upper Bavaria Feichten ad Alz, which has set itself the aim of optimizing the operations both in trade and in industrial plants. In order to meet the respective applications of customers provides the BARTH GmbH individual solutions with innovative technology, in the areas of frame press, gluing press, vacuum press and lift tables and work tables.

Here are the central arguments of customers; " One goal of ergonomics is to manageable and comfortable to .. make use products "> Ergonomics", "economy" and "individual production" ever To meet these demands of our clients at the center, our employees The premise is continuously engaged in the development of products here is;. an added value for the BARTH customers to design, which refers not only to the product but is passed on to customers in the service aspect.

All BARTH products are developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany, thus bears the BARTH GmbH quality seal "Made in Germany".

Many satisfied customers confirm the company's successful course.

Outstanding innovation, top quality and a close customer relationship, coupled with an effective marketing appear responsible for this success.

The BARTH GmbH upholds a clear value and concerns the interests of all associated with the company partners (customers, suppliers, employees) in their planning and their actions a. Furthermore, it assumes responsibility for society and the environment seriously and actively. This leads to trust, which enables the long-term success of the company.

BARTH systems - your decision for ergonomics and economics!

BARTH Woodworking Equipment

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