Casadei Macchine Srl

General Information

Full name: Casadei Macchine Srl
Brand birthplace: Italy
Head office address: , () Italy
www: http://www.casadeibusellato.com/


Casadei Macchine was founded in 1945 when the first combination machines made their mark on the traditional woodworking machinery market, giving birth to mass production.  Thanks to constant investments in human resources and applied technology, Casadei has reached a quality leadership recognized worldwide.

The first Casadei machines were manufactured under the brand name “L’Artigiana“which was quickly diffused worldwide.

During the 1970’s the new industrial premises of almost 15.000 m2 allowed an appreciable increase in production and a significant expansion on foreign markets.

A state-of-the-art research & development division and a highly automized production process (foto) guarantees production of technologically innovative products, characterized by high quality and reliability.

Manufacturing of special machines began during the 1980’s. The automatic panel saws became one of the most appreciated and best selling machines during the 90’s.

Wide belt sanders, throughfeed moulders and edgebanders were developed during the1990’s.

Due to a widespread and highly qualified distribution network, Casadei enjoys great success in more than 90 countries worldwide.  Casadei’s complete range of products now varies from traditional machines to sophisticated special machines such as automatic beam saws, wide belt sanders, edgebanders and throughfeed moulders.

CASADEI Woodworking Equipment

CASADEI Thickness Planing Machines

CASADEI PS Thickness Planing Machine

[ Modification: PS 630,PS 520,PS 52,PS 63,PS 41 ES ]

Now on sale: 6
Was on sale (All): 6
Number of modifications: 5

CASADEI R Thickness Planing Machine

[ Modification: R 63 h3,R 51 h3 ]

Now on sale: 1
Was on sale (All): 1
Number of modifications: 2

CASADEI S 400 Thickness Planing Machine

[ 120 mm. ]

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Number of modifications: 0