Casolin Giorgio & C. Snc

General Information

Full name: Casolin Giorgio & C. Snc
Brand birthplace: Italy
Head office address: Viale Pasubio 46, (Veneto) 36036 Torrebelvicino Italy
www: https://www.casolin.com/

The Casolin firm, born in 1970 as a handicraft concern activity, quickly reached a dominant position in the construction of woodworking machines. The excellent quality of its production and the remarkable will of its working-team contributed to the expansion of its capacity of production thereby consolidating our commercial network both inside and outside Italy. The principal aim of our firm is the total quality of its production. Our machines, equipped with components from the best brands in the market, undergo a total quality control during the single phases of their construction and during their assembly. Casolin's production is characterised by the simplicity and consistence of its machines range. This is another reason why we can easily satisfy the market demand and the specific requests of our customers who can also rely on an efficient after-sale service rendered by qualified consultants as well as on a spare part collection and supply service for a prompt delivery of the same. Our store is well-stocked and is able to satisfy your needs any time. From project to production, Casolin puts great effort in researching the best working conditions: our products come with mechanical and electrical safeties, lowest dust emissions and unexisting noise level. In these pages we are proud to present our wide range of products, continually integrated by new market's requirements. 

CASOLIN Woodworking Equipment

CASOLIN Thickness Planing Machines

CASOLIN TS Thickness Planing Machine

[ Modification: TS 530,TS 630 ]

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CASOLIN TOP Thickness Planing Machine

[ Modification: TOP 530,TOP 630 ]

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