Griggio SpA

General Information

Full name: Griggio SpA
Brand birthplace: Italy
Head office address: via Ca' Brion 40, (Veneto) 35011 Campodarsego Italy
www: http://www.griggio.com/

A company, a family   A company and first of all a family. Starting from 1946, year of its foundation by Guerrino and Giovanni Griggio at Cadoneghe, in the industrious and dynamic Venetian area, we can go back to far older times which are still living and bearing fruit in the values and principles of a company philosophy which sinks its roots in a thousand years old tradition. That's the tradition of the Serenissima, the Republic of Venice, represented by Marco Polo, who best embodied that innovating spirit, that research of new horizons and that commercial enterprise which made Venice famous worldwide.  GRIGGIO SpA is a leading company in the history of its territory. Company GRIGGIO is still characterized by that very same spirit, enterprise and farsightedness of its founders. Since its foundation and up to now the company has been experiencing a continuous process of technological development under the direction of the sons of the two founding fathers. Thanks to a thorough knowledge of the market, the ability to catch the flurry of the market and to foresee its future trends and above all the entrepreneurial courage, which has always animated and characterized any single member of the family.


   Firm roots for a sound and solid familiar tradition, an important heritage An important heritage made their own and renewed with passion and professional competence to turn it to a present of success, reached through the firm belief and the perseverance of people who know to impose the principles of a healthy and solid familiar tradition to the management of a company, which has become a point of reference in the international market.

Beyond the main branch located at Reschigliano, Padova, with an area of 15.000 mq of productive facilities, the company is supported by two other branches located in Novellara, near Reggio Emilia and at Codiverno, near Padova. The international character of company GRIGGIO is guaranteed also by another branch located in Moscow and by some other partnerships with commercial reality all around the world.  

GRIGGIO Woodworking Equipment

GRIGGIO Thickness Planing Machines

GRIGGIO PS Thickness Planing Machine

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GRIGGIO PSA Thickness Planing Machine

[ Modification: PSA 630,PSA 520 R,PSA 520,PSA 530 ]

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