GROSS Apparatebau GmbH

General Information

Full name: GROSS Apparatebau GmbH
Brand birthplace: Germany
Head office address: Renntalstraße 8, (Baden-Württemberg (BW)) 74360 Ilsfeld Germany
www: http://www.gross-zerkleinerer.de/

GROSS, the specialist in  Shredding and briquetting technology:  The BIG-machine program covers the entire spectrum of grinders and briquetting presses and provides thus for different application or need cases the best suitable solution.  The product range includes both single-wave-shredders, four-shaft horizontal as well as in under-ferent sizes. In addition, a variety of options are available such. B. Different Antriebsvarian th, rotor widths, rotor diameter and hoppers.  In the area of ​​briquetting presses are depending on to proces-border volume of material and type of different sizes available. 

GROSS:  • Innovative technology for optimum crushing     and briquetting (wood crushing and     Plastic crusher)  • Maximum efficiency and profitability  • High reliability and comprehensive service  • Expert advice and customer orientation

GROSS Woodworking Equipment

GROSS Briquetting Presses

GROSS GP Genius 1-40 Briquetting Press

[ Hopper volume 0.6 m3 ]

Now on sale: 2
Was on sale (All): 2
Number of modifications: 0

GROSS GP Genius 2 Briquetting Press

[ Briquette diameter / width 40 mm. ]

Now on sale: 8
Was on sale (All): 8
Number of modifications: 3

GROSS GP Briquetting Press

[ Modification: GP-80,GP-100,GP-150,GP-200 ]

Now on sale: 4
Was on sale (All): 4
Number of modifications: 4

GROSS GP-S Briquetting Press

[ Modification: GP 150 S,GP 300 S ]

Now on sale: 0
Was on sale (All): 0
Number of modifications: 2

GROSS GP-M Briquetting Press

[ Maximum briquette length 95 mm. ]

Now on sale: 0
Was on sale (All): 0
Number of modifications: 0