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Banding machines are designed for oblitsoovyvaniya edges of the final products . This type of equipment is used in companies that specialize in the manufacture of furniture . Result of edge banding machine can be seen in almost any apartment or office where there is furniture made ​​of wood materials. Today is difficult to imagine such a table that at the ends of countertops gaping uncovered material from which it is made , or cabinet with the same defect. I can safely say that that edge banding machine is one of the main types of equipment , without which there can be no modern furniture manufacture .
There are two types of machines kromkooblitsovoochnyh - direct ( oblitsoovyvayut straight edges ) and curved ( can oblitsoovyvat edge product different form. ) . You can also select machines with automatic and manual feed material. Usually on the curved edge banding machine automatic feed is not used.
Our catalog presents both new and used / have edge banding machines from suppliers in different countries. On our site you can always pick up and delivery, and also calculate the cost of customs clearance (if the machine is within a customs area ) , edge banding machine. Also you always can order the organization and independent examination of any banding machine represented in our catalog .