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HOUFEK and.with.

General Information

Full name: HOUFEK and.with.
Brand birthplace: Czech Republic Czech Republic
Head office address: , () Czech Republic


HOUFEK Company SA was founded by Ing Jaroslav Houfka in 1991, first as a small facility dedicated to the production of simple machines for woodworking. Now the company has its registered office in Golčův Jeníkov, on the border countries of Vysočina. In its early days the company manufactured mainly belt grinders. Technical uniqueness, originality and quality of the workshop resulted in the development of ever increasing the demand on the machines HOUFEK company on the Czech market, and gradually also in abroad.  Constantly growing interest of the machine not only led to an increase in production volume, but also to systematically expand the production range. Aleš Houfek son completed a technical concept in a way menagerski. Since 1993, the company undergoes a dynamic development, which results in an expansion of the production of another series of woodworking machines of our own design - Wide grinders, which are currently used successfully in 22 countries worldwide.  In 1996 the company started the construction of new space, which moved in 2001, in 2005 in the presence of prominent business partners and customers solemnly opened another production hall. In the hall of the facilities also have found their new peak production technologies. The specified project was financed by the European Development Fund and Ministry regionalnygo Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, within OPPP, program development I.  The building also selling brand store, which offers retail customers a complete manufacturing company HOUFEK, as well as hand tools and material usable for carpenters. Continuous upgrading of the production program has enabled to enhance the quality and range of machines manufactured. That's why HOUFEK now produces not only the already mentioned above, and Wide-belt sanders, oscillating sander, but also to the edge, oscillating roller grinders, machines for the final development of wood, and currently Mortisers machines for industrial use.  HOUFEK company has developed a prominent position on the Czech market, mainly thanks to machines that offer great specifications, reliability, ease of use and development of the front bench, now operate on three shifts. The correctness of the choice of trade policy shows that 75% of export sales forms, and the machines are HOUFEK its customers not only in EU countries and the USA but also worldwide. Currently our company is trying to build their own trade organizations and agencies in countries where the potential for sales growth gives the possibility of further development. Strength in a simple solution - is the motto of the company HOUFEK during development and construction of grinders.


HOUFEK Woodworking Equipment

HOUFEK Planing Machines

HOUFEK SR Planing Machine

[ Modification: SR 330,SR 430,SR 530 ]

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HOUFEK Thickness Planing Machines

HOUFEK ALIGATOR Thickness Planing Machine

[ Modification: ALIGATOR 800,ALIGATOR 430,ALIGATOR 530,ALIGATOR 420 A,ALIGATOR 630 A...6 ]

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HOUFEK SP Thickness Planing Machine

[ Modification: SP 430,SP 530,SP 630 ]

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HOUFEK CASTOR Thickness Planing Machine

[ Modification: CASTOR 430,CASTOR 530,CASTOR 630 ]

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