Istra-A SIA

General Information

Full name: Istra-A SIA
Brand birthplace: Latvia
Head office address: , () Latvia
www: https://vacuum-presses.lv

ISTRA-A Woodworking Equipment

ISTRA-A Vacuum Presses

ISTRA-A A Vacuum Press

[ Modification: VPR-3000/25,VPR-3000/40,VPS-1500,VPS-3000,VPR-3500 ]

Now on sale: 4
Was on sale (All): 4
Number of modifications: 5

ISTRA-A TF Vacuum Press

[ Modification: 300 HV,350 HV,160 H,300 H,350 H ]

Now on sale: 1
Was on sale (All): 1
Number of modifications: 5