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Otto MARTIN Maschinenbau GmbH and co. KG

General Information

Quality – “Made in Germany”

MARTIN combines high-quality manufacturing, materials and user-friendly operating concepts with cutting-edge performance, maximum precision and long life. To achieve this the Bavarian manufacturer has invested considerably in a modern and efficient production facility. Only with the most modern production facilities high-quality machinery can be produced. That is the philosophy of MARTIN. The result is most convincing.

A “MARTIN“ justifiably earns the label “Made in Germany.“ Customers know that MARTIN only uses high-quality material and components that are produced on the premises in Ottobeuren, Germany. Quality German manufacturing practices and methods are what MARTIN customers demand. Outsourcing of the production to foreign countries would therefore be unthinkable.

Innovation by tradition

The company’s success story is also the success story of the Martin family that still to this day own the Otto Martin Maschinenbau GmbH und Co. KG. Since the company’s foundation 90 years ago, the Martin family has directly shaped the future of the MARTIN company. The family has always remained deeply attached to their location in Ottobeuren and the people working for the company.

The MARTIN apprentice workshop that was founded in the 1970’s is a clear indication for the company’s recognition of social responsibility. Thanks to the solid professional training of young people in a whole range of technical and administrative professions and external training programs for every employee, MARTIN can rely on 145 highly motivated and excellently educated staff. This is the basis for MARTIN’s constant innovation. The employees, in turn, have shown commitment to the company through exceptionally long company affiliation.

Full name: Otto MARTIN Maschinenbau GmbH and co. KG
Brand birthplace: Germany Germany
Head office address: Langenberger Str. 6, (Bayern (BY)) 87724 Ottobeuren Germany

  90 years of Otto Martin Maschinenbau

The machinery manufacturer from Ottobeuren/Germany has every reason to celebrate: for more than 90 years now the name MARTIN has stood for the most high-end woodworking machinery available. What Otto Martin started in 1922 with solid and basic machinery has become the present day industry standard for quality and functionality in the woodworking machinery sector. Trend-setting innovations and numerous awards and patents are all part of the success story of this traditional Bavarian company. Whether in small workshops or industrial manufacturing facilities all around the world, MARTIN has had a major influence on the production conditions in the woodworking industry.

MARTIN Woodworking Equipment

MARTIN Planing Machines

[ Modification: T 54,T 51,T 52,T 53 ]

Now on sale: 2
Was on sale (All): 2
Number of modifications: 4

MARTIN Electric Wood Chippers

[ Number of rotors 1 PCs ]

Now on sale: 1
Was on sale (All): 1
Number of modifications: 0

MARTIN Milling Machines

[ Power 6 kW ]

Now on sale: 1
Was on sale (All): 1
Number of modifications: 0

MARTIN Horizontal Panel Saws

[ Power 5.5 kW ]

Now on sale: 5
Was on sale (All): 5
Number of modifications: 0

[ Cutting width (max) 1250 mm. ]

Now on sale: 2
Was on sale (All): 2
Number of modifications: 0

[ Saw angle 46 grad ]

Now on sale: 1
Was on sale (All): 1
Number of modifications: 0

[ Cutting length (max) 2800 mm. ]

Now on sale: 0
Was on sale (All): 0
Number of modifications: 0

MARTIN Thickness Planing Machines

[ Modification: T 45,T 45 Contour 15,T 45 Contour 25,T 43,T 44...7 ]

Now on sale: 15
Was on sale (All): 15
Number of modifications: 7