C.F. Nielsen A/S

General Information

Full name: C.F. Nielsen A/S
Brand birthplace: Denmark
Head office address: Solbjergvej 19, () 9574 Bælum Denmark
www: http://www.cfnielsen.com/

C.F. Nielsen A/S was established in 1889 and is today the world leading manufacturer of mechanical briquetting presses.  We supply briquetting solutions all over the world for production of industrial type of briquettes for use in big boilers at heating plants etc. and log type briquettes to be used in fireplaces and ovens by private consumers.  The raw material is wood waste and other biomass products.  We have several hundred briquetting presses in operation spread over all 5 continents.

Looking forward to serve you. 

Nielsen Woodworking Equipment

Nielsen Briquetting Presses

Nielsen BP Briquetting Press

[ Modification: BP 2010,BP 3200,BP 5000,BP 5510,BP 7010...8 ]

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Number of modifications: 8

Nielsen SBP-9 STAR Briquetting Press

[ Briquette diameter / width 60 mm. ]

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