HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau GmbH (PANHANS)

General Information

Full name: HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau GmbH (PANHANS)
Brand birthplace: Germany
Head office address: Anton-Günther-Straße 3-7, (Baden-Württemberg (BW)) 72488 Sigmaringen Germany
www: http://hokubema-panhans.de/

Traditional Mechanical Engineering  

For more than 50 years, the label PANHANS has been representing solid, German mechanical engineering. Committed employees, who have learnt their handcraft from the bottom up, experienced constructing engineers and continuously trained service staff are the key to success. Panhans products are exclusively made from selected, high-quality materials. By means of many international, well-known innovations, PANHANS has set standards in the area of engineering woodworking machinery.

The company HOKUBEMA is carrying on a tradition.

PANHANS Woodworking Equipment

PANHANS Thickness Planing Machines

PANHANS TYP Thickness Planing Machine

[ Modification: 435,424,425,426,428...6 ]

Now on sale: 6
Was on sale (All): 6
Number of modifications: 6

PANHANS PD 66 Thickness Planing Machine

[ 150 mm. ]

Now on sale: 0
Was on sale (All): 0
Number of modifications: 0