Ecomec srl (POR)

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Full name: Ecomec srl (POR)
Brand birthplace: Italy
Head office address: Via Coloder 2, (Lombardia) 21030 Cuveglio Italy
www: http://www.ecomecsrl.it/

The company ROP, today specializes in wood briquettes named Ecomec Srl, founded in 1976, in the village of Roncadelle, in the province of Brescia. Start your work as a machine shop for finishing third party that specializes in designing and manufacturing machines for the grinding of wood and wood restoration as a whole (shavings and sawdust). In 1980, the ROP was studied to provide a machine for the restoration of wood chips and delivering a first hydraulic briquetting. Machines for restoration of wood was a good success in the market and in the following years, the company is engaged in it, in order to improve them and make them more versatile and reliable, the development of more lines to be used to work on a variety of materials. Today also produces machines for briquetting of non-ferrous metals, machinery and briquetting powder briquetting machines for textiles. Over the years, the company has imposed on developing ERP various extensions: in the 90s the opening of the block containing the commercial office located in Roncadelle, design, customer service and spare parts, in 1996 we will see changes to a social Ecomec SRL . and then it is passed dellunit productive is currently insufficient, and most have a large industrial zone Torbole Casaglia (Brescia). In late 2003, the two units were merged into a single plant in the industrial zone of Brescia Fornaci. This site, with unestensione than 2,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor surfaces, as well as allowing Ecomec Ltd. to expand its capabilities in sales, engineering and management of its fleet. Due to internal allorganizzazione, Ecomec particularly competitive for the construction of the mill waste wood briquetting machines for recovery of waste wood, briquettes mechanical size and the size of automatic briquette, briquetting machines for powders, textile, nonferrous metals, etc. Besides the classical bricchettarice Oleodinamica to recover wood chips, in these years the design office has developed and tested the machine to handle a wide range of materials with different types of use. Today, the company is well known in the field of briquetting in Brescia and the surrounding area. Ecomec regularly work with leading Italian and foreign retailers. The sales network now covers the whole world. Machinery manufactured in ISO 9001/2, subject to strict tests in order to get a quality product that reflects all the canons of the reliability of safety and quality provided by EU legislation Ecomec Srl, aware of the great importance of respect for the environment, designed and developed a system for processing and recovery of secondary materials.

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