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Full name: Reinbold Waste Disposal Technology GmbH
Brand birthplace: Germany
Head office address: , () Germany
www: http://www.reinbold-entsorgungstechnik.com/
Info: The single shaft shredder Reinbold are the brand for decades now in use worldwide. The main application is the waste wood shredding in the woodworking industry, small and medium-sized businesses who pay attention to an optimal cost / benefit ratio. The machine program covers a wide range of applications. From the AZR 50 PRIMUS small amounts of residual wood to the AZR Gigant for industrial use and the horizontal shredder RHZ for long wood residues many custom tasks can be realized. By creating robust construction machines take on even greater value and bulky materials. The single shaft shredders are compact in size and at the same time a bear. The machine program is supplemented by four-shaft shredder and briquetting. Whether pallets, waste wood, waste wood, railway sleepers, production waste or clamping plates - in the crushing of wood, it is important a regular final product (pulp) to obtain. The shredded waste wood to a certain chip size to have as a starting material for further processing steps such as composting or energy to be used. Reinbold shredders or hackers are low-speed single - shaft shredders that are largely insensitive to impurities and achieve very good throughput performance with low noise and dust emissions. To störstofffreies material can get for example for composting / heating systems are separated using a magnetic separator, the crushed material. The company operates Reinbold practical and competent advice in solving customer-specific tasks, such as waste wood plants, wood residue disposal, waste wood recycling, recycling chipboard, wood waste, timber cutting. This allows an individual machine solution available on favorable terms. A fast spare parts service is just as natural as the reliable care / maintenance of new and existing Reinbold equipment. In addition to all interested parties, an extensive warehouse and new pilot plant available.

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