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Georg Schwarz Beck GmbH and Co KG ( REX )

General Information

Full name: Georg Schwarz Beck GmbH and Co KG ( REX )
Brand birthplace: Germany Germany
Head office address: , () Germany
Info: History

The main REX works in Pinneberg, just outside the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg, was founded in 1946 by engineer Georg Schwarzbeck. The young businessman registered the name REX as a brand name for his products. This was the beginning of a remarkable success story which continues to set the standards in the modern wood processing industry even today.



In the fifties and sixties modern joinery and carpentry machinery was developed and produced in large numbers, including around 25,000 models in the REX triple combination D 3 /54-D range alone.  It did not take long before business connections had opened up to overseas customers in all corners of the world, helped by the closeness of the hanseatic city of Hamburg. Today REX wood working machines are running in over 90 countries throughout the world.  In 1964, REX engineers developed the first REX four-sided planing machine of model HO-4S, which led the company into a new market area. At the same time, contacts with customers in the glued wood, carpentry and sawmill industries were extended.  In 1972, REX developed the first multi-sided planing machine in the HOMS model range. This was a planing machine with constant table height and adjustable top part. This provided ideal conditions for inexpensive mechanisation and linking to other machine units, such as occurred in the rapidly developing glued wood industry. REX was awarded Protection of Design by the German Patent Office for this invention to protect it from imitators.  Other manufacturers were only able to use the constant table principle in machines this type after this protection period was over. This construction principle is nowadays in use worldwide. There are currently around 6.000 REX constant table planing machines in use. They are manufactured in a standardised unit construction system, and are continuously being adapted to meet modern technical requirements so that the customer always has optimised production capabilities.

Since some time REX is also working in the field of the finger jointing machines. The result is the REX MACH 1, a unique finger jointing line. The patened filling system of the REX MACH 1 kakes is possible to run a high quantity of lamellas with a smoothness of the line as you cannot get somewhere else then from REX. The high practicality and technical standard of the modern REX machines and lines is not just based on close contact and continuous extensive experience between our engineers and the user's specialists and production designers in the modern industry.

Nowadays the REX machinery, which is still a family concern, employs around 85 staff.  The company is now being run by Hans-Joachim Schwarzbeck, son of the company's founder, as senior manager, Christian and Joachim Schwarzbeck, the grandsons of the company´s founder, as general managers.


REX Woodworking Equipment

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