SICAR s.p.a.

General Information

Full name: SICAR s.p.a.
Brand birthplace: Italy
Head office address: Via del Cantone 90, (Toscana) 50019 Ponte A Giogoli Italy

Italian manufacturer of woodworking machinery based in Campri, Modena. Members of the SICAR Group are the companies BULLERI, MARZANI PROGETTI, SICALOR, SCEAT, EBS.

The SICAR Group does not exist anymore (since 2013).


SICAR Woodworking Equipment

SICAR Thickness Planing Machines

SICAR FORTE Thickness Planing Machine

[ Modification: FORTE 400,FORTE 500,FORTE 630,FORTE 520 ]

Now on sale: 1
Was on sale (All): 1
Number of modifications: 4