Mechanical workshops of Fegersheim (ITUS)

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Full name: Mechanical workshops of Fegersheim (ITUS)
Brand birthplace: France
Head office address: , () France
www: http://www.utis-amf.com/

The TORNOS PLANTS, ILLKIRCH-STRASBOURG, foundry and precision mechanics were created in 1920 by Mr. W. MEGEL. They produce up to 1963 of gray iron castings for industry and sanitation. With experience in modeling and molding, the plant develops from 1923 a full range of conventional machines for woodworking such as band saws, circular saws, planers, jointers and routers. After stopping the foundry business, manufacturing is transferred to the Fegersheim site in 1967, where the company "MECHANICAL WORKSHOPS FEGERSHEIM" continues the manufacture and sale of woodworking machines "UTIS". UTIS The mark is the subject of a trademark filing renewable every ten years. Since then, buildings, workshop and administration, have been enlarged and modernized in installments. The reserve of building land allows to consider other extensions on the same site. Production plants are equipped with machine tools for the machining of large dimensions frames, tables and other components. The current range consists of: - Planer width 410 or 525 mm length and 2m50 or 2m80, - Planing width 510, 610, 710 and 830 mm with electronic positioning table, - Tree Routers fixed in various versions: manual, with motor axes with electronic positioning axes etc ... - Milling tilting spindle 3-axis and spindle speed programmed variation in hydraulic release tools, - Motorized Mounts top coach - Hydraulic Benders in various sizes for the assembly of window frames, doors, collage panels, etc ...

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