WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH

General Information

Full name: WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH
Brand birthplace: Germany
Head office address: Bustadt 6, (Baden-W├╝rttemberg (BW)) 74360 Ilsfeld Germany
www: http://weima.com/

Shredders and briquette presses bearing the WEIMA logo, exclusively developed and produced in our production plants in Germany, play a key role in applications all over the world. As a medium sized company, and with more than 25 years experience in the field, our capacity for innovation and dedication for the best solution is paramount.  Ultimately it is our highly-skilled people at WEIMA who secure an unrivaled quality and best technology high standard, ingrained into every product produced, delivered and maintained worldwide.


The challenges on our skill in the technology of shredding and briquetter press design can be very complex and demanding, most times requiring customised solutions, with great consideration to the materials being processed, business size and working processes, among the myriad of other considerations.


This is our strength, tailoring our offer to your individual needs – not the other way around, and of course our focused commitment to your specific requirement. On-site or in our well-equipped showrooms and test facilities, our sales managers and engineering technicians take great care to analyse the application requirement. From concept to design and manufacture, together we create the optimum machine solution incorporating best possible functionality.


Thanks to our ongoing investment program in modern manufacturing techniques, WEIMA leading edge single component technology is brought together to create a flexible and task-specific solution, either stand-alone or as a part of a complete facility complex.


The WEIMA commitment is enduring, commencing at first contact and is proven to forge long term business relationships. Other integrated services include site delivery to site, installation as well as commissioning. We also recommend operative training in best machine practice, either on site or at our global training centre in Ilsfeld, Germany. Our service team delivers a premier global rapid replacement parts service ensuring optimum machine operation in the field at all times.


We are here for you – any time or place. Our input is key to your output. 


Martin Friz and Peter Rössler

Managing Partners

WEIMA Woodworking Equipment

WEIMA Briquetting Presses

WEIMA TH Standart Briquetting Press

[ Modification: 514-520,614-620,714-720,814-820 ]

Now on sale: 1
Was on sale (All): 1
Number of modifications: 4

WEIMA TH Industrie Briquetting Press

[ Modification: TH 1500,TH 2800 ]

Now on sale: 0
Was on sale (All): 0
Number of modifications: 2

WEIMA TH M Briquetting Press

[ Modification: TH 600 M,TH 800 M ]

Now on sale: 0
Was on sale (All): 0
Number of modifications: 2

WEIMA C Briquetting Press

[ Modification: C 140,C 150,C 160,C 170 ]

Now on sale: 2
Was on sale (All): 2
Number of modifications: 4