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HYUNDAI r17z-9 series mini excavator

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Detailed information:

Undercarriage type
Operating weight
1700 kg
Specific ground pressure
0.28 kg / cm2
Bucket volume
0.04 m3
Kubota D902
Engine power
11.8 kW
Fuel tank capacity
20 l
Hydraulic system performance
2х18.8 11.3 l / min
Bucket Digging Force
15.5 kN
Stick digging force
8.5 kN
Hydraulic tank capacity
12.5 l
Max. movement speed (low / high)
2.2 / 4.2 km / h
Overcome ascent
30 degrees
Overall length
3480 mm
Cab height
2320 mm
Overall width
990-1300 mm
Counterweight Rear Turning Radius
645 mm
The distance between the axles of the caterpillar cart
1230 mm
Track width
760-1070 mm
Track width
230 mm
170 mm
Counterweight clearance
440 mm
Undercarriage length
1590 mm
Blade height
250 mm
Blade penetration depth
240 mm
Boom length
1800 mm
Stick length
960 mm
Maximum digging radius
3900 mm
Maximum digging depth
2200 mm
Maximum bucket dumping height
2570 mm
Minimum swing radius of the platform
1570 mm

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